the quiet

IMG_6302I have come to the conclusion that I am the quietest person in my house including the dog (well at least in the morning).  From the time my eyes open in the early morning I wonder how I am going to make it downstairs without waking a single person.  When it comes to the first part of my day I prefer to enjoy it alone or with just my husband.  I have learned that my day runs much smoother when I can wake up on my own, drink my coffee without interruption, and have a little me time before my day gets started.  In that time I like to either read my Bible or devotional (or both if time allows) with no distractions around me.  It is my time with the Lord to just have a one on one conversation with Him.  When I lay it all out there and give Him my worries, anxieties, fears, blessings, and things I am most grateful for I seem to have a much better day.

I lay there for a minute or so just listening.  Is anyone awake or making any movement?  Can I escape the warm comfort of my bed without my knees, hips, and ankles popping so the baby does not hear me leave the room (for now he is in our room in his own crib)?  Once I have achieved the first goal of my morning of keeping little poopy pants comfortably asleep, my next challenge lies before me.  Oh goodness, the dreaded creaking hallway floor.  Now, you would think that after years of navigating the hallway and knowing exactly where to step so I don’t sound the “creaking and popping floor alarm telling the entire family mommy is awake,” this would not present a problem.  BUT, without fail a new board in the flooring decides to wake up from time to time and let its’ noises be heard.  As I begin the eleven step tango down the hallway I am praying that I don’t step on the BIG ONE.  I would swear that my neighbors can hear that one, it is so loud.  Here I go.  Step, step, step, leap, step, step, leap, leap, and tip toe quietly, finally made it to the stairs.  Now, I have to step in just the right place on my bottom two stairs that also like to pop and creek in order to let my kids know MOMMY IS AWAKE!!!  Whew…made it.  I stagger into the kitchen and smell the coffee which is calling my name.  As I have gotten older I have learned an appreciation for the early morning hours that I once hated in my youth.  They are quiet, still, and peaceful.  My house is so busy and loud most of the day that when there is silence as peaceful as in the morning it just makes me smile.

Once downstairs, my dog sees me and she immediately feels the need to remind me that she is here.  She sneezes so loud about three times, has the loudest yawn on any dog I have ever heard, and begins to scratch her nails on the hardwood floor in excitement to see me.  Yes, this is sweet and I love that she gets excited to see me but at 6:25 in the morning I am trying my darndest not to wake my kids.  SHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I tell her.  I reach into the cabinet grab my coffee and CLANG!  I have hit the coffee cups together!  UGH!  I just made it through the most difficult task of not making a peep and I have to bang the coffee cups together.  I am immediately aggravated.  I stop and listen.  Do I hear any little feet hitting the floor…, good.   I grab my coffee and warm blanket and sit on my couch.  YES!  I made it -Ahhhhhhh….one of the sweet spots of my day,  my alone time with Jesus.  There is just something so comforting knowing that He is always there to listen and really cares about the littlest details of my life.

A few minutes pass and I hear the heavy footsteps of my husband.  Now, I know it is him because without fail when he is walking down our hallway he seems to hit each and every one of those loud and creaky boards in the floor that I carefully avoided moments earlier.  Really!?!  I have made every effort to be as quiet as possible and he walks downstairs like he is being chased by a pack of wolves.  He gets to the kitchen and bangs about five coffee cups together until he has picked his favorite one and then proceeds to slam it on the counter.  He pours his coffee and sits next to me.  He then proceeds to sneeze five times that has the octave of a ninety year old man with hearing problems.  What the heck!!?!!  What is with all this sneezing and noise making?  To this day he does not understand my need to be so quiet in the morning.  I have explained to him my desperate need for a few moments of quiet before the kids wake up.  Truthfully, he too thinks he is so quiet, the morning ninja per say.  I remind him that ninjas do not sneeze and know the floor board pattern in the hallway, he is no ninja!

In a house with little ones the laughter and pitter-patter of little feet is a sound that I make every effort to embed in my brain space.  One day those little footsteps won’t be there and it will just be my husband and I.  Oh how this makes me sad.  Whenever I am bothered by the yelling, fighting, high-pitched squeals, banging, clanging, or total destruction of our home from these little guys I am quickly reminded that it is all too fleeting.  I look at my oldest and simply can not believe that she will be eight in a few months!  Where has the time gone?  My babies are growing up.  I hold my youngest a little tighter and a little longer every day knowing that he won’t be this small for much longer.  Now, I am a big ball of snot and will conclude my thoughts for the day.  Just remember (and I am reminding myself as I type this) we must savor every moment of every day whether it be loud, interrupted, silly, chaotic, or peaceful and still.  It is but a moment…


2 thoughts on “the quiet

  1. I am a NINJA – see my goal is to see if I can remember where the squeaks and clanks are – so that way when I need to be quiet I know exactly where NOT to step. Great post.

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