lovin the sunshine


Spring is in the air and I could not be happier!  I love the smell of blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass.  Warm sunny days and fresh air blowing through my house just puts me in the best of moods.  Just the thought of planting fresh flowers and sprucing up my lawn makes Spring one of my favorite times of year.  Growing up my mom would always notice the yellow buttercups when they first bloomed and excitedly announce the coming of warmer weather!  There is just something about a new season that makes me want to clean and organize.  I do love my jeans and sweatshirt weather and the fact that I don’t sweat profusely does make winter time that much more appealing, but I will take flip-flops and sundresses any day!  I love seeing all the tank tops, shorts, sandals, and sunblock adorning the store racks and shelves.  Aisles of beach towels and sand buckets, water guns, and goggles make any trip to Target exciting!  All winter we are forced to somewhat hibernate indoors and eat lots of hot and heavy comfort foods.  Ok…maybe not forced to eat them but it makes for a good excuse ;)!  So by the time warm weather hits, this momma of four is ready to get outside!

This year I have high hopes to really get out there and plant a big garden.  A garden filled with tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, onions, fresh herbs, and whatever else I can find and feel the need to plant.  I would also like to can whatever comes out of my garden.  As a kid I remember always having a huge garden.  It was so fun picking all those fresh vegetables.  Until you have picked fruits or vegetables from a garden or have bought them from a farmer you do not realize how different they look from their store-bought counterparts.  An apple picked fresh from a tree is void of that shiny toxic wax that someone puts on them to look better at the supermarket.  A cucumber pulled straight off the vine feels prickly and too is void of that greasy waxy film.  If I were to get the chance to plant a peach or apple tree you can bet I will do that too!  Since starting this new journey to better health for my family food has taken on a whole new meaning.  We frequent our local farmers market in the warmer weather.  I also make the effort to buy from a local farmer who brings his fruits, veggies, and eggs into town and sets up shop in a local church parking lot.  As much as my taste buds love processed food the rest of my body does not.  So the thought of growing my own food and saving the extra money on the organic price tag, is important to me.  Not to mention the life lessons my children will learn about growing something from the ground up.  That in itself is enough to inspire me to get out there and dig up a bunch of dirt!

As far as my wardrobe goes, I am already planning my Spring looks consisting of tank tops, shorts, long flowy sundresses, and new sunglasses.  It seems that every year there is a new fashion trend and it is in every store ad and on every commercial.  There is hardly ever a time that I jump on the fashion band wagon and sport their hideous looks.  Last year I noticed and have noticed this year as well all the clothes hanging on hundreds of hangers very brightly colored screaming 1986!  Really?  In my opinion the only good thing that came out of the 80’s was the music.  I could listen to Duran Duran, U2, Tears for Fears, Stevie Nicks (yes I realize that she came out long before that but I remember her from my youth), Journey, and most of the good hair bands any day!  BUT ask me to sport those wild punk rock clothes with neon colors and big hair, NO WAY!  I will stick to my khaki shorts and tank tops.  It took me several years just to wear capri pants because I was so self-conscious of my small ankles.  Do you really think I am going to wear something that looks like my six-year-old threw together?  I think not.  I am confident another fashion trend will be filling the pages of the store ads this season and I won’t be jumping off the couch to go and make a purchase.

Last week I cashed in a little me time and treated myself to an afternoon at the salon for a little hair touch up.  Each and every time I get my hair done I come home and my husband tells me it looks the same.  I am sure I am not the only wife who experiences this.  But, put me in a room with another female and we will talk about my hair for ten minutes and all that I had done.  I guess it’s just the difference between the male and female brain, Mars versus Venus (another really good book).  When the seasons change I feel my hair should also.  With warmer weather comes a few more highlights and a few more layers to lighten the weight of my hair.  When cooler weather hits I am inspired to add more low lights and a heavier cut.  Girls will plan this out along with the timing of a pedicure to compliment a new outfit they bought whereas a guy will wear the same clothes Spring, Summer, and Fall and clip his toenails once a month whether he needs to or not 😉 .  (In this post you are getting a small glimpse of the “true girly girl” side of me!  I just can’t help it.  I have been this way my whole life.  I love all things girly!)

What things do you look forward to when the days are a little warmer?  Do you start planning a fresh new look, or maybe a family vacation?  Does your menu at home change?  Does anyone have a garden or is that on the wish list for this year too?  I hope you and your family can get outside, soak up the natural vitamin D and enjoy God’s beautiful Earth!    Have fun in the sunshine!


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