one wild night

So last night as I stood there extremely excited to be carrying on a conversation with some very well- known people, I felt as if someone was watching me.  You know that feeling when the hair on the back of your next stands up and a chill comes over your whole body?  Well that is what I was feeling.  Who is in this room watching ME?  I had been personally invited to a high-profile dinner to talk about my new blog.  Really!!?!!  Wow, I am beyond shocked.  Someone, whom I can’t mention yet, was shown my blog and was told they must read it.  They informed me once they were through laughing and excited to have read something so relatable that they knew I needed to share my blog with others.  Who would have thought little ol’ me would be rubbing shoulders with some of the most well-known names in the celebrity community?  I should have started writing years ago!

Once I finished my short but highly exciting conversation with one of my favorite singers of all time, I casually take a sip from my champagne glass then my eyes began to gaze around the room.  Who is watching me?  I see many groups of people talking.  Some of them I recognize as anyone would, but others I have no clue.  Everyone seems to be having a very enjoyable evening drinking, laughing, and stuffing their faces full of fabulous hors d’oeuvers.  I am sipping my champagne scanning the room and see no one watching me until….  Oh my gosh!  No freakin way!  Could he be?  Me?  No….  Well maybe?  I look up to see him smiling at me with that crooked  grin that I remember when I was on the dating scene and searching for Mr. Right.  The crooked grin is something a guy will flash to a girl when he likes what he sees but not sure if the feeling is reciprocated.  It’s a test run before the attempt will be made to speak with her so he doesn’t look like a fool for approaching her only to be rejected and suffer a bruised ego.  Our eyes locked and without hesitation I smile back.  It was an automatic response on my part and looking back something I had no control over.  His smile went from crooked to full grin extending from ear to ear.  Now what was I to do?  This is an awkward moment.  Did I just fall trap to his “I can have any girl in here ego” or was this going to go anywhere?

I casually turn and walk toward the bar to refill my champagne glass.  In the midst of that whole scenario I got so nervous I gulped down ¾ of a glass of Perrier-Jouet Rose’ in a matter of forty-five seconds.  Great!  Now I looked like a drunk in front of Mr. Hotness himself!  I am standing at the bar waiting on my second glass which I am sure will turn into a third due to my emotional state, when I hear an unfamiliar voice say, “hi, I see you are really enjoying that glass of champagne.”  I turn and just about lose all ability to speak.  I quickly gather myself and laugh it off in order to not look like a complete dork and say, “yes, I do enjoy a good glass of bubbly from time to time.”  Bubbly…really?  Is that my best line?  He is intrigued and takes a seat right next to me.  Now, my body is on fire and I feel like I could vomit.  This seriously can’t be happening.  His eyes are relaxed as is his whole body and he seems so at ease.  Total opposite of me!  I am trying my best to be as calm and cool as humanly possible.  He says, “Hi, my name is Jerry Butler.”  Allow me to break that down for you in a better known language.  Gerard Butler!GB  If you don’t know who that is then you should stop reading any further because you have been living under a rock for the past seven years and none of this will mean anything to you.  Furthermore, you don’t know me very well and my love for all movies with his gorgeous face (just seek out the movie 300 and he proudly graces the cover).  We spend the evening talking and laughing and hitting it off so smoothly that I forget his celebrity status.  The tables turn and I have taken the confident lead and he has been spun into my web.  Oh yeah, this girl still has game!

In order to wrap this up I leave you with this…  I am standing in a beautiful lake front cabin wondering what had just taken place.  I am smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy.  He is smiling and totally into me and I now that this is a beautiful thing.  At that moment I look out a huge sliding glass door facing the lake to see a boat quickly approaching.  This boat was moving fast and headed in our direction.  I could only see one passenger on board but as it reached the shoreline I about lost my breath.  Exiting the boat was a very large man with one heck of a physique.  I knew immediately who this was.  You have got to be kidding me!  What in the world was going on here?  Really!?!  All for me?  He approaches the sliding glass door and lets himself in.  He too flashes that incredible smile at me and then takes one look at Jerry.  The two are just about to duke it out over me when I hear a baby.  A baby?  Where the heck is that coming from?  There is no baby in this house.  “Momma! Momma!  Daddy…bluh blah foo la la dah dee goo!”  Huh?  This baby really needs to shut up because this love triangle is getting awesome!  The man on the boat says, “Hi, I am Dewayne Johnson.”  Just in case you are still reading even though you were living under that rock, Dewayne Johnson is aka The Rock.  TROh yes, take a moment and allow that to sink in……  Go ahead, I understand….  The two men begin to argue about me and who I should be with and suddenly that baby voice appears again.  WHAT’S UP WITH THIS BABY!?!  Get this kid out of here!  I want to enjoy this moment and what is to come without hearing a kid!  The baby voice gets louder and then I hear a sneeze that sounds all too familiar.  My eyes open and then I am very quickly brought back to reality.  I see the top of my baby’s head in his crib carrying on a full conversation with himself and then proceed to look over at my husband and his crazy hair and him sneeze twice more.  Oh well, a girl can dream. ..  Haha…  Don’t get your feelings hurt honey.  You know I love you ;).  And that was how I spent my overnight hours!  Enjoying a glass of wine and reading celebrity gossip just before bed might have attributed to my colorful imagination, ya think?  Maybe, hopefully, the drama will continue tonight!  I hope I brought a little laughter to your day!


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