i have a friend

Today’s post will be a little different.  Not so much humor or ramblings of my daily happenings.  I wanted to shift the focus to someone else, someone who plays a much bigger role in my life than they realize.  I have a friend…

I have a friend who exudes the very essence of who Jesus is.  Those who know my friend and are privileged enough to share life with them understand my crazy love for this person.  I have been honored to walk alongside them for the past ten years.  I am showered with prayers and support in everything that life throws my way, regardless of their own circumstances.  Over the past ten years we have shared many laughs, stories, secrets, and just as many tears, tears that have compelled me to sit here on a Saturday afternoon in the quiet of my living room and tell my friend how truly incredible they are.  Here ya go, this one is for you girlfriend.  You know who you are.  I love you till the end…

We were a newly married couple establishing our foundation in Christ and in search for like-minded friends who were in the same sweet spot of life we were.  Our pastor encouraged us to join a small group for young married couples without children.  Within a few weeks we were on our way to a stranger’s house one evening to share our story and hopefully build lasting friendships.  Little did we realize these “strangers” would not be strangers for long.  When I first met her I felt an instant connection.  She wasn’t really like me, as in loud, bold, sassy, or ‘tell you what I think’ type of girl, but the calm, centered, cautious, and humble type.  Now, I tell you that because normally I am drawn to those similar to my personality but she was not.  There was just something about her.  As she spoke, there was a difference in her use of words.  I will never forget her closing our group one night in prayer and praying about starburst and peanut butter and jelly.  This girl was thanking God Almighty for peanut butter because she loved it!  I quickly learned that her perspective on life was incredibly fragrant, fresh, vibrant, and fun!  Who is this girl!?!  I really need to get to know her better I thought.  She was innocent and different and I wanted her in my life.

As I think back to those early days there are a few things that stick out in my mind.  One of which is her laugh.  Her laugh is so big and full of happiness.  Her entire face lights up and she dances with laughter, literally.  Her eyes pierce you like the sunshine peeking through the tree branches.  I absolutely love her smile which is so incredibly contagious.   One thing I have always admired about her is when you talk to her she really listens.  Nothing distracts her and you have her full attention.  When we talk she always asks me the very same question, “How can I pray for you my friend?”  She is a constant in my life.  Again, I have been privileged to walk alongside her.  As with any true friend you are there for both the good and the bad.  When my sweet mom died she was there by my side feeling my grief and praying for me every step of the way.  I will never forget her faithfulness.  She has witnessed my storms and I have hers.  The Lord promises us so many amazing things, but we are also reminded that we live in a fallen world and bad things can happen and tears will fall when you least expect it.

Well, a time came when my friend would need me more than any other time in our friendship.  I remember almost every detail of that evening.  I was sitting on my couch when I received a phone call.  My friend’s husband was missing and the only thing she requested from me was to pray for his safe return.  My mind began to spin and try to comprehend the information in which I had just received.  I hung up the phone and tried to begin piecing the puzzle together but I simply could not.  What is going on, I thought!?!  As time would reveal, he would not return to her on this Earth but in heaven when God would call her home.  My heart hurt so deeply for her and I wanted so badly to “fix” what had happened to her sweet family but I knew that was not possible.  I witnessed her go through something so horrific that most anyone would buckle and fall beneath the weight of the immense pressure.  She was knocked down but not without Jesus standing right next to her to hold her hand and pick her right back up.  She remained steadfast in her trust  in Jesus and never wavered.  I will never forget rushing to that funeral home only caring to see my friend and look into those eyes and assure her that I was here for her.  When I finally reached her in that incredibly long line I stopped and grabbed her looking in those eyes that were always so bright and I saw her emptiness, an emptiness that revealed the hardships of this life, again life in a fallen world.  My friend was feeling the pain that I pray I never experience.  I stood there holding her only imagining what was going through her mind since this had all become so real.  The line behind me was backing up but I didn’t care.  They could wait.  She needed me and I knew it.  She needed all of us whose lives she had touched in different ways.

It has been just shy of two years since my friend’s husband went to be with the Lord.  I have watched her break free of many of the chains which naturally accompany this type of situation.  She has her laugh back.  Her eyes are full again, full of the promises of Jesus.  She has grown into a woman who I can confidently say she never thought she would be.  Through all of this her strength is the most amazing thing I have witnessed.  Despite the fact that in one instant her entire life changed, she is still standing.  She inspires me to be a better person.  For those who know her, we sit back and simply marvel at her incredible strength.  My friend is without a doubt one of the purest, most gentle, kind, loving, and compassionate people I have ever met.  He has found favor with her and walks alongside her leading her to still waters.  I felt my friend needed to hear this.  She is an amazing mother and friend and each and every day does more than she realizes to further the kingdom.  He is far from done with her.  She will continue to walk the path which He has laid before her and she will hold her red banner high…



2 thoughts on “i have a friend

  1. This is such a sad yet beautiful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please pray for two of my dear friends who have recently learned of serious health issues. Thank you dear heart. Love dad

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