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If you would have asked me five years, or even three years ago what I was cooking for dinner it might have been something like hamburgers and french fries, hotdogs and macaroni and cheese, loaded potato soup, or even a can of Spaghetti O’s if I was desperate.  Well, today that has all changed.  We still enjoy those same items but just a little differently.  For as long as I can remember my poor husband has been plagued with severe migraines.  I have never experienced one and after witnessing what he has gone through I never wish to.  I remember him coming home from work and lying face down on the floor in a lot of pain complaining of a headache.  To be honest it seemed as if he was secretly begging for my attention and really playing up this whole migraine act.  We had experienced several discussions about us not getting enough alone time together since having our first baby.  It was true and still is to this day.  It is a sacrifice you make when you live away from family.  Yes, we can hire a babysitter but that isn’t always in the budget.  Anyway, his headaches became worse, much worse and this began to really bother me.  His grandfather had died of a brain tumor and the thought had crossed my mind that this could be his issue.  My journey began for finding the root cause of his migraines and I had no idea how far it would take me.  It is because of his migraines I am writing today.  The first thing we looked at were his allergies.  We spent so much money on allergy shots and prescriptions in hopes of helping his migraines.  The doctors told us it was his allergies which caused his body to make histamines which triggered his chronic sinus infections hence the migraine pain.  Well, that didn’t work.   Next they told us he would need sinus surgery for a deviated septum and a sinus scrape.  Desperate as we were, we agreed to the surgery.  Once again, nothing.  He was still plagued with migraines.  To make a very long story somewhat short, I made the decision to look at our diet.  When all else fails try looking at what you are feeding your body.  Now that I look back this should have been the most obvious and first place to start.  We first cut out all dairy.  When I say dairy I am referring to the obvious; milk, yogurt, cheese, and sour cream.  These were all daily staples for our family.  We did this for a couple months and saw changes in other areas but not where I really was focusing my energy, his migraines.  On to something else.  While taking the kids to the library one day I decided to check out Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s book The G Free Diet.  This book was about gluten and how negatively it effected her.  Once I sat down to read it I had only gotten to page fifteen or so and DING DING DING..!..I was reading my husbands diagnosis but not quite as severe as hers.  I immediately called him and said we are going gluten free!  You have Celiac’s disease!  Well, of course he had no idea what gluten was or what I was talking about.  I wasn’t sure if he was a true Celiac or just gluten intolerant, but I believed with all my heart, that after years of trying to figure his issues out I FINALLY had our answer!  I was so excited!  After a couple months of eating as gluten free as we knew how (yes the whole family joined in) my husband was beginning to heal.  His migraines were gone and other issues were disappearing.  Wow!  I started reading all kinds of health and nutrition books, websites, blogs, and movies, just about anythings I could get my hands on to learn more.  I knew I had only scratched the surface of my family’s health.  Two of my four children had experienced a mild case of eczema and when we took gluten and processed dairy away and slathered coconut oil on them, booyah!  No more eczema!!  I was on fire.  I am talking a burning, feeling empowered kind of fire.  It was a  feeling of deep satisfaction of knowing that I was really diving in and taking care of my family.  Since then, I have learned (and still learning daily) the power of coconut oil, raw dairy, Paleo diet, Apple Cider Vinegar, supplements for stress and anxiety, and so much more.  I by no means know enough to start my own talk show on Discovery Health, but enough for my sweet family.  There is a passion deep within me to tell people what I know and how it has effected our family.  My hope is to share with you what I have learned thus far and for you to share your experiences too!  This should be both exciting and empowering!


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