one hot momma

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One hot momma is where I want to talk all things girly!  This section will be a little different since it won’t be as “natural” as other things I write about.  When it comes to hair color, make-up, and certain beauty products I just can’t give them up.  Some people make all these products in their kitchens and swear by them but I am just not that brave yet.  Maybe some day.  As much as I love being a mommy and wiping runny noses and mediating sibling fights I do not want to ever be the “frumpy” mom.  I absolutely hit up my local Target or Costco on a weekly basis looking like one of those people they put in pictures with their eyes blacked out and they say DON’T wear this, yep that is me.  But, I really try hard to not make a habit of it.  There are days as many of you know that when you are taking care of little ones a shower may not happen.  When I do get to take a shower it is fast and furious and then back to sweats and my wet bun on top of my head.    I think it is important to take some time for yourself even if it is ten minutes to spend slapping on a little mascara and lip gloss just to feel better.  My husband comes home from work most days and finds me in those sweats, but I like to surprise him sometimes and really put forth a little effort to look nice for him when he walks in the door.  When I have time all to myself I LOVE to be pampered!  If it involves anything with hair, nails, makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, or just grabbing an iced latte from the coffee shop I am IN!  Well, the only downfall to all my little girly loves is the expense factor.  Wow!  With four kids and a mortgage it just isn’t in the budget anymore for me to do those things.  In college and even after we were first married (before kids) new clothes and shoes came often, my nails always looked fabulous, and my hair rarely showed any signs of roots!  Oh times have changed.  My priorities have changed and my focus has shifted to my family so I have to find cheaper ways to do things now.  I can’t justify spending money on all my girly things when I have kids in several extracurricular activities.  I would love to hear money saving beauty tips, your favorite beauty regimen, or beauty products!


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